Best American Comics of 2012


So a couple of weeks ago the annual publication from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt, THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2012, was released. As I skimmed through my copy, I was delighted to find that Charles Glaubitz’s THE CRYSTAL SIGIL was selected as one of the “Notable Comics” of 2012!
THE CRYSTAL SIGIL first saw print in our own PANEL TO PANEL book, then later in a special edition that Charles is offering on his Etsy page. I’m very proud to have helped bring Charles’ vision to a wider audience, and I’m hopeful that he and I will be working on something again soon.

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Panel to Panel: Exploring Words & Pictures
Edited by John Rovnak

Featuring New Interviews With…
*MARK BODE: A 21st Century Renaissance Man by John Rovnak.
*GLENN DANZIG: Damn, It’s Danzig by John Rovnak.
*JIMMY GOWNLEY: Normal Guy to the Naked Eye by Rachael M Rollson.
*ALAN MOORE: The Magical Adventures of an Extraordinary Gentlemen by Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe.
*STEVE MURPHY: Comes Out of his Shell by John Rovnak.
*DAVE SIM: The General in His Labyrinth by Jon Mathewson.
*JIM WOODRING: A Touch of Madness by Daniel Barlow.
*BY JINGO: A Personal Meditation on the Comics of Jack Kirby by Rob Walton.
*MARVEL 14: The Incredible History of France’s Censorship of Marvel Comics by Jean–Emmanuel Deluxe.
*KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! The Rock Art of James Kochalka.
*BUDDY COPS in Full-Color by Mark Martin.
*BEAT PANELS: OR; IS THERE MONEY IN POETRY COMICS? by Stephen R. Bissette featuring the graphic poetry of Peter Money and Rick Veitch.
*ORGANIZING COMICS: How Comics Created a Community in Rural New England by Daniel Barlow.
*EUROPE’S KRIMINAL HISTORY: featuring MR. KRIME by Mort Todd with Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe.
*EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN: Re-Imagined Interpretations of Forgotten Characters of the Public Domain.
*MY SKETCHY SUMMER, or 5 Days Hard Labor at the Center For Cartoon Studies by Philip Charles Crawford.
*CLOVER FIELDS ON FIRE: The Intellectual Architecture of Robert Crumb and the Tyranny of the Masses by Experience Kring.
*Organic Comix presents JIM SIMON’S SHIELDMASTER.
*DEFT MASTERY: The Genius of Early 1960′s Archie Comics by Philip Charles Crawford, featuring Teenage Wildlife: an interview with Craig Yoe by John Rovnak.
*MEET JOE PRIEST: A Personal Reflection on Where Faith and Comics Meet by Fr. Chris Kulig, O.Carm.
*An archive of past interviews, from, featuring DAVID MACK, LARRY MARDER, LARRY HAMA, JAIME HERNANDEZ, JAMES STURM and STAN SAKAI.
* and more….

274 Pages, Full Color
(scheduled to begin shipping Aug/Sept 2011)

Crystal Sigil

artwork © Charles Glaubitz

I’m extremely happy to announce a new addition to the Panel to Panel line-up.  The Panel to Panel publication will now include a complete 35 page graphic novel, which now brings the total page count for this project up to nearly 300 pages!

Crystal Sigil by Charles Glaubitz is one of the wildest, most beautiful comics I’ve seen in recent memory; and I’m really excited that it will be part of this project.  Charles was introduced to me by a mutual friend about a year ago, and after my first viewing of Crystal Sigil, I knew I wanted to help any way that I could to expose this extremely unique story to a wider audience.  Finally after lots of editing, planning and number crunching, I feel confident enough that Panel to Panel is the perfect format to premier Charles’ work.

Adding this very large piece to the P2P puzzle has added a bit more time on the production end of things, but I know it’ll be worth it!

artwork © Charles Glaubitz