Our Gang

Artwork © Mark Masztal

Who is this amazingly attractive group of individuals?  Why that would be the core group of contributors to Panel to Panel.  Have you ever seen a better looking group in comics?  I think not.

What we have here are, P2P designer, Mark Masztal’s beautifully rendered pencils for the Contributors page in the upcoming Panel to Panel book.

Starting at the left of the top row, we have Mark Martin, Stephen R Bissette, Rachael M Rollson, and Philip Charles Crawford.  In the middle row, from the left there’s Daniel Barlow, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, and Experience Kring.  And finally from the left of the bottom row is Jon Mathewson, Me (John Rovnak), and Mark Masztal.


A Bit of Magic.

Here’s a short excerpt, one question actually, from Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe’s interview with Alan Moore.  The article is entitled, The Magical Adventures of an Extraordinary Gentlemen; and you’ll be able to read the interview in its entirety in a few short weeks.  Enjoy.

photo © Mitch Jenkins

Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe: Someone sharing the same spirituality and mysticism as you is Alejandro Jodorowsky, were you at all influenced by him?

Alan Moore: Jodorowsky was somebody who I had heard of when I was younger, but I’m ashamed to say that while cinema is an interest of mine, it is not one of my greatest. In fact, I hadn’t actually seen Jodorowsky’s work until relatively recently. I’d heard of it and I respected it by reputation, but having discovered Jodorowsky, I think that he is wonderful. I think that his film work is tremendous, and I even very much enjoyed an article that he did that was reprinted in Arthur Magazine that was talking about how he had gone to Mexico and had met Leonora Carrington, the former wife of Max Ernst and the last of the Surrealists. She is still alive, living in Mexico, and she’s the last of the original Surrealists and she is probably one of the best as well. Jodorowsky wrote a wonderful piece about her. Yes, I believe, it’s safe to say we know each other’s work. A friend of mine, who is a film director actually met Jodorowsky and had mentioned my name and Jodorowsky had given a thumbs-up sign. To which I would give at least two thumbs up to Jodorowsky. He’s a remarkable artist and a remarkable human being.