I Have Issues. Do you?

I have too many issues to count. How many issues do you have?

I about to start work on a new project here at Panel to Panel, and I’m calling it, ‘I HAVE ISSUES.’  It’s going to be a long and very personal project, but one that I’m look my forward to getting started on. To help inspire me and get my creative juices flowing, I felt the need to create a visual or logo to focus on. I showed the logo to a few friends, and immediately they all responded positively. So much so that they urged me to put it on a t-shirt and make it available to them and others. So I set up a store on TeePublic, and did exactly that!  So if you would like to wear an I HAVE ISSUES t-shirt, or any of the other fun products that are offered, click HERE and grab yourself an item or two. 

Thank so much for your interest and support. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

Author: John Rovnak

John Rovnak can hardly remember a time when comic books were not a part of his life. He has bought them, sold them, written them, drawn them, collected them, bought them again, and sold them again. He has endured a lifetime of ridicule and shame for his hobby, but that hasn't stopped him. Most recently he's written and edited a book about comics. He's planning more.

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