Sacré bleu!!

These, and many other, images of the infamous censoring of Marvel Comics by the French Government appear in the upcoming Panel to Panel.  In an article written by Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, MARVEL 14: The Incredible History of France’s Censorship of Marvel Comics discusses the sad history of how an entire country’s perception of these early and dynamic comic books would be watered down and made more “palatable” by government officials; all in the name of protecting it’s youth.  Crazy, huh?

Thanks so much to Jean Depelley for providing us with these extraordinary images.

Author: John Rovnak

John Rovnak can hardly remember a time when comic books were not a part of his life. He has bought them, sold them, written them, drawn them, collected them, bought them again, and sold them again. He has endured a lifetime of ridicule and shame for his hobby, but that hasn't stopped him. Most recently he's written and edited a book about comics. He's planning more.

3 thoughts on “Sacré bleu!!”

  1. Maybe the French government just didn’t know how to properly translate Zbok, Rrrrrrr, and Wam, although Tsk Tsk seems to translate well.

    Seriously, though, it’s amazing that they were so consistent in deeming the actual artwork as objectionable.

    Is this censorship continuing?

  2. Dear Jon

    Fortunately this censorship is no longer butchering the french edition of US comics. As far as i remember it completly ceased around the early 2000’s- In the post world war II era Gaulist, communist & catholics for different reasons judged the US entertainment industry as a tool for “cultural imperialism” (sic). The communist party & the catholic church were powerfull till the mid 80’s where they went more marginal. Strangely enough this “butchering” of US comics forced me to read the “real thing” and therefore improve my knowledge of the english language!! I still don’t like translations of US comics nowadays ,sometimes i just read old french edition for nostalgic & comedy value !!

  3. Much like Jean-Luc, I remember reading the French translations of Marvel Comics published first by Lug and Artima, then by Semic, and sought the originals, thus also improving my knowledge of English. But what fascinated me more at the time was the strange translations of names such as the “Hatemonger” or “Northstar” (translated as “Vega”).

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