ePanel to ePanel

After much deliberation, and trial and error, we are moving ahead with reformatting Panel to Panel for an eBook release.  This means that in the near future, you’ll be able to enjoy the book via your iPad and/or Kindle.  As designer Mark Masztal shares the finished reformatted pages with me, I’ve decided to share some here with you.  First up is the complete piece on Jimmy Gownley, and his book Amelia Rules, by Rachael M Rollson.  Enjoy it!

Author: John Rovnak

John Rovnak can hardly remember a time when comic books were not a part of his life. He has bought them, sold them, written them, drawn them, collected them, bought them again, and sold them again. He has endured a lifetime of ridicule and shame for his hobby, but that hasn't stopped him. Most recently he's written and edited a book about comics. He's planning more.

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