A Big Thanks!

Spider-Man © Marvel Comics Artwork © Kevin Eastman

I’d like to send a HUGE thanks out to Kevin Eastman!  Kevin was kind enough to create five illustrations on some “blank variant” covers from Marvel Comics, and allow me to auction them off in hopes of raising some cash to help cut a few productions costs for the book.  Not only did Kevin complete these amazing covers, but he also included his “concept doodles” which he’d sketched out on some backing boards.  These books, minus one, have all found happy homes via eBay, and I can not thank Kevin enough.

Spider-Man © Marvel Comics Artwork © Kevin Eastman

It’s a real treat for me to have had Kevin be involved, not only because I’m a fan of his work, but also because in a lot of ways he was one of the original inspirations for this book.  Did you know that the Panel to Panel book, in it’s original incarnation, was to include an all-new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story illustrated by Kevin?  It’s true!  But circumstances beyond our control had put a stop to that concept moving forward.  A story for another post, perhaps

Angel © Marvel Comics Artwork © Kevin Eastman

For now, please enjoy these images of Kevin’s “concept doodles” and completed covers.  I plan on posting more in the near future…

X-Men and Angel © Marvel Comics, Artwork © Kevin Eastman

Author: John Rovnak

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