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See that beautiful image in the top, right corner of this blog?  That’s the cover of the upcoming book created by the multi-talented Mark Martin.  You may know Mark’s work best from Gnatrat, 20 Nude Dancers 20, Montgomery Wart, Teeny Weeny, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so much more.  Well Mark’s been a busy guy lately…  Besides his amazing work on Panel to Panel, which other than this cover also includes a five page (full color) Buddy Cops story entitled, Robocop and Dodocop, Mark will be bringing back his fan-favorite creation Gnatrat in Gnatrat Lives! Now as I write this, there are only four hours remaining on Mark’s pledge drive, which is set up to help fund Gnatrat’s glorious return to the printed page.  I’m happy to report that Mark has met and exceeded his goal, and thanks to all the generous supporters, Gnatrat WILL live again!

So since we’re on the subject of Mark Martin, let’s take a closer look at his work on the cover to Panel to Panel.  Mark has been with Panel to Panel.Net since the very beginning.  He’s assisted me in creating the original look for the online store.  He’s had a regular online feature on the site itself called, EVERYTHING!, which in it’s first incarnation was a visual bibliography of all of his various works in comics; then in it’s second incarnation became a gallery of his “Martinized” interpretations  of famous characters and celebrities of pop culture.  (Some of which can be viewed HERE) And he’s also partnered up with P2P to create Runaway Comics #2.1, which was an exclusive mini comic available only to folks who purchased copies of his Fantagraphics series, Runaway Comics on Panel to Panel.  Needless to say, I LOVE MARK MARTIN!!  He’s always been so kind and so generous when it’s come to Panel to Panel, and I’m really proud to have his work be on the cover of this first book.

So enjoy these images that tell the story behind the cover.  Take a peek into Mark’s brain, and see how really ticks.  You won’t be sorry…

All artwork © Mark Martin

Author: John Rovnak

John Rovnak can hardly remember a time when comic books were not a part of his life. He has bought them, sold them, written them, drawn them, collected them, bought them again, and sold them again. He has endured a lifetime of ridicule and shame for his hobby, but that hasn't stopped him. Most recently he's written and edited a book about comics. He's planning more.

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