We interupt our regularly scheduled blog posting for a special announcement…

The Fracture of the Universal Boy by Michael Zulli

Longtime friend of Panel to Panel, artist Michael Zulli, has recently released an amazing new graphic novel entitled, The Fracture of the Universal Boy.  Written and drawn by Michael Zulli, and published by Eidolon Fine Arts, The Fracture of the Universal Boy has been described by Neil Gaiman as, “…really beautiful, moving, strange and harrowing.”  Weighing in at 200 plus, 9″x12″ black and white pages, this gorgeous hardcover was solicited to the comics industry back in July 2011 with this description: “After twenty odd years making art and comics, Zulli believes that there are universal truths to be found amid the struggle and calling to make art, and indeed, to life itself. Often brutal, sometimes a bit funny, and always surreal as it examines life from a different perspective, The Fracture of the Universal Boy is Zulli’s personal reflection on love, life and art; and both the damage done and the possibility of transcending even the most dire and difficult of times. Part one of a three graphic novel set called The Dream Suite, Zulli’s The Fracture of the Universal Boy is the beginning of a journey we all take in one way or another. “

© Michael Zulli

So why this special announcement here on Panel to Panel?  Well it seems that many people are having a hard time getting their hands on this amazing book, and we’d like to help change that.  You see we feel Michael’s beautiful vision deserves the largest audience possible, so for the forseeable future, copies of his book can be ordered right here from this blog posting.  Just click on the convenient Buy Now button below, and for the affordable price of $27.99 US (plus shipping) this book can be yours.


And, while supplies last, each copy will include this special exclusive signed bookplate, from a Panel to Panel promotion back in 2007.  These Michael Zulli images were originally created to promote his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch.  But now they can be yours with the purchase of The Fracture of the Universal Boy.

Printing Issues

Just a quick update for all of you wondering, “Where the HELL is my Panel to Panel book?!?!”.

Well about a week and a half ago, p2p designer Mark Masztal received the proof copies from the printer. While Mark was overly satisfied and pleased with the printing quality, there was an issue with the binding! The book fell apart after his initial read through. So needless to say, we are addressing the problem, and should have it fixed and back on track this week.




All of us here at Panel to Panel thank you for your patience, and promise that it will all be worth the wait.

There is a special surprise in the works, that the binding issue has allowed me the time to put together. And for all of p2p’s loyal followers who pre-ordered the book, I have three words for you…

Signed… Limited… Bookplates.

(more on this very soon!)

Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself!!!

In case you missed it the first time around, here’s a great interview I did back in May 2011. This took place during the Kickstarter campaign, and appeared on a podcast over at the Cammy’s Comic Corner website. Cameron Hatheway and I discuss the Panel to Panel book at length; its content, its goals, its history, and a whole lot more. From my mouth, to your ears…